Dog Training the NePoPo® Way

Joris Kerckhof

“With heart and soul.”
After a career with the Belgian Federal Police, and then working with several industry leading K9 companies in the US; I wanted to make a difference both for myself and for others. I started Quadrant Canine in order to do so. Since starting my company, I have helped countless individuals - both pet owners and law enforcement K9 handlers - improve their relationship with their dogs.

Our Story

The name Quadrant Canine is derived from the four quadrants of operant conditioning. I have made many mistakes with my first dogs prior to learning about operant conditioning and NePoPo®; however, knowledge is gained through trial and error, and I fully believe in the system I have in place today.

Our mission

My goal as the owner of Quadrant Canine and trainer for RGR Malinois is to bring dog training to the next level - for pet dogs, personal protection dogs, sport dogs, and police/military dogs.

Through the NePoPo® training system philosophy, we want to create and train a happy dog that is still performing under pressure.

Martin System Products

Paired with the NePoPo® training system, Martin System® products have become the 'go-to' for all of our dogs in training. We fully believe in both, and would be happy to offer in depth explanations as to why we feel these two things are paramount when it comes to training all dogs.