Hybrid Mattress

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Size: Queen

Meet the Hybrid Mattress – designed specifically with comfort and support in mind, it provides an optimal experience for all body types while being softer than our Classic all-foam mattress. You’ve probably tried out a few mattresses before and you know what it’s like to make an investment in a product only for it to not last long. Well, that doesn’t need to happen here! Our Hybrid Mattress uses superior materials, adding just the right touch of extra cushion and softness without compromising durability. When you take a close look at the mattress and feel its overall weight, it will be clear that we have overbuilt them with no expense spared.

For those who are tired of foam mattresses forming trenches where we sleep shortly after purchasing them or getting too hot during restful nights – this mattress is for us! The Hybrid Mattress is designed to regain its form each night so you can wake up feeling refreshed, alleviated of hot spots or sweat buildup due to an improved air flow circulation system. 

The CordaRoy's Hybrid Mattress combines the highest-quality memory foam with durable pocketed coils for maximum comfort and support. No need to worry about movement or noise - our revolutionary, non-tied coil system ensures minimal disruption of your restful slumber.

Plus, our mattress is designed with 4 types of cooling technology so you stay comfortable night after night. The copper, graphite, and blue phase change material combines forces to draw heat away from your body, keeping it from building up as you sleep. Natural air flow then removes the heat from the mattress completely, something many other companies simply do not provide.

How can we afford to do this? At CordaRoy's, we aren't trying to disrupt the market. We're simply trying to make the best products possible that make our customers happy. In fact, we design products for ourselves first and then offer them to you. 

Don't just settle for the same old mattresses that only offer comfort and support on the surface. Upgrade to a CordaRoy's Hybrid Mattress today and get ready to experience a sleep like never before!